Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Walkin' Wednesday 2014

 Mom was thrilled to see this one shortly after we booted up The ThinkPad Tuesday morning - 
 Since it was a wet day, Lady PF spent much of the day hunkered down in the skhrape - khonserving energy fur once those fluffy puffs emerge, there will be furry little rest!
 Bakhk to more of my big SUNday walk - I took Mom towards the park - 

 She made a funny about the moo on the hill - she knows steers don't moo but please humor her!

 Ah yes - this is the scene she had hoped would be difFURent - she wanted to get a video of us visiting the goats - they were SO looking FURward to me khoming by - as we had gotten to the edge of their fence, one by one they emerged from the barn and waiting fur me BUT I rekhalled the last time I had walked by them - the day I learned why they don't join us on our walks - something about the magikh FENCE - WELL, I was NOT NOT NOT going by - and I made sure Mom GOT THAT KHLEAR - she tried to appease me - tell me it was okay - BUT I wasn't doing it - SO, we khrossed the road and reversed our route - that is why we were able to shoot the goat pakhk from the south side of the road - 

 It isn't furry easy to see BUT just beyond the yellow flowers there is a deer puppy - he/she was flipping its happy tail - and was heading in our direkhtion so Mom and I were ready BUT there were two four legged 'chikhkens' on this side of the fence and they changed TDP's plans - BOOOO - but my snooter SO knew there was a new furiend there!
 This was from Monday's walk - it was khwite the sight to see all the wheels turning in the wind!

 The One With The Bling was there - looking as handsome as I remembered!

I had hoped some of the kids would venture over to say HI but they were too busy playing THIS time - 

There are more pikhs from Sunday and Monday we'll share tomorrow and FrEYEday - 

BTW, this is post #2300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: We are glad woo enjoyed seeing the tasty House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits - I think it is time to celebrate the post with a Ginger Sniffer!  I might even let Mom have one too!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Telling and Tasting

 Another 15th - and more about this below
 Monday at The PF Palace

 Yes, the eyes say LOTS GOING ON UNDER HERE!!!

 I believe this move is downward bird ;-)

 Last week I mentioned two other khool things in the box from those nice ladies from Iowa and Nebraska - Mom got a really pawesome hooded sweatshirt - 
 and a khool bracelet fur her paw

 This seems to khapture part of FoUR 15's theme fur Be The Change For Animals!!!
 This is akhtually the third time we've ordered from this tasty place in Vermont - we've meant to blog about it but each time my assistant neglekhted to do so - but THIS TIME I insisted!
 If only the khlouds hadn't moved in fur the supposed to be pawesome and inkhredible full moon, we'd be out in the yard munching on these - they get a fluffy tail AND Mom thumb's UP!
 We had these before and had to order them again -
 Furst time we've gotten these - and we both say YUM!
 Mom akhtually tasted one of these before I did - as soon as she opened the bag she went OH MY - and ate one of the smaller pieces - even The Doggy Nanny had one too!!!

 We even got this furry interesting magazine to read - and sniff!

 Is this better?  I know most of the shots are fuzzy Mom but I khan't help myself - everything is SO tasty!

Hey - I'm sorry woo khan't use the khamera AND hand out treats at the same time!

We rekhkhommend House Wolf K-9 Dog Biscuits furry highly - the day they arrived, Mom and I went out to the mailbox fur them - well, before Mom even opened the door of the mailbox, my snooter was on overload - she wishes she had turned on the khamera to share that experience!

They have inkhredible service- are akhtive with donations to various reskhue groups AND they understand Siberians fur THEY HAVE THEM!!!  

We even khonvinced Auntie Di to order some fur Khousin Ab - it was funny in that we ordered ours on Saturday...Auntie Di ordered hers on Sunday...and hers arrived in Arizona on Tuesday - BEFORE WE GOT OURS!!!

Happy Tasty Tuesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: This post was entirely of our doing - we just wanted to share what we've found to be a tasty and high khwality produkht - both fur khanines AND humans ;-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday MOMandMEday

 Some scenes from SUNday's watching

 With the timer getting khloser to going off, she was khwite akhtive today moving them around 

 I think she is wondering if we are khurious how khool it is to feel 'em under there!

 This sparrow kept trying to pikhk up all the fur there with one trip - like it wasn't going to be there on the return trip
 No worries Little Pal - I've got lots more to leave out there fur woo
 Mom timed her pressing of the button when the birdie took off - woo khan see him/her in the upper left khorner!
 Whilst Mom busied herself with khoffee and paper, I started watching - I was akhtually over here bekhause I saw THEM next door - after I stared in their direkhtion fur  a sufficient amount of time, I watched the golfers - 
 then FINALLY - the shorts - the leash - the sneakers - the khrakhkberry streaming XPN.ORG - 

 It is going to be a sad blossom time this year - the furst year without the tremendous display - 

 Getting khloser -
 Chekhking out THESE eggs - wonder what kind of bird is in there - 
We saw these last SUNday on our big walk but somemom didn't take a pikh then SO we made up fur our oversight this week!

Good thing Mom had dressed appropriately fur the 70+ F degrees fur we didn't return until 4.22 miles were under our paws and feets!

We'll share more from our day on Walkin' Wednesday!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!