Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Whitney's Whikhked Whednesday

 From Tuesday AM -
 and PM -

 Now for some WHIKHKED STUFF -

 Sorry, only coy here! 
 No worries - I'M HERE TO SAVE THE POST!!!

 Blurry but still WHIKHKED!

Happy September All!

Khyra tells me we've got a new 'KHOTTAGE' - I wonder if I'll still be WHIKHKED when I can get settled in THERE!

Happy Wednesday ! ! !

P.S. Khyra said to report on the progress of the move - the weather has been anything but kind - I think I've heard the word 'sucks' used in multiple sentences - only one trip was made on Tuesday - Auntie Di and Khyra's Mom needed a bit of a break - the entire process is very draining - both in terms of energies and emotions - now that Mom heads back to The GKP, things will slow a bit - but come 'next' week, we'll be back at it - hopefully with better weather!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday Telling

 Three from the AM -

 Three from the PM -

 From the furst trip to The Khottage Monday morning - I'm Tailgunner in The Acura -
 Mom turned the page fur the new month - 
 This one she took to The Khottage -
 Monday afternoon she took ovFUR The Siberian Table - 
 The Angel Pet and khurrent pet table - 
 Auntie Di brought along The Stunt Double -
 Some yard time after Mom got home from the 2nd trip - we stayed and napped whilst Auntie Di and Unkhle Paul made a trip -

I'm sure there will be more trips today - need to get more STUFF to The Khottage before Mom heads bakhk to The GKP -

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: Don't furget Whitney will be in charge tomorrow!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday MOMSandMEandHERandMOREday

 Some SUNday early evening shots - Lady PF

 Then his turn -

 Ready to roll on the furst of 87 trips - well, just three but 
 Holly was up with Mom -
 Auntie Di sat in the middle sits since there were things on the front - I was in Tailgunner sekhtor -
 Heading down the hall - towards the bedrooms and human litter box -
 Living room -
 I've khlaimed fur Siberians evFURRYwhere!
 Blurry since Mom was still running on nervous energy -  TADN will be thrilled this rug has made the move to The Khottage -
 Waiting to go bakhk in -
 Our neighbors on the one side are two Barkets - mean Bassets - 

 I was chekhking out the khanine on the other end of my yard - where the two big trees are - not sure if it is a she or he - we'll say she fur now bekhause she's khwite beaWOOtiful - looks like a chokhokholoured Dobie - she sat at the end of her tether and watched - she only barked a few greetings unlike the Barkets ;-)
 This was in the front seat - Mom didn't want it to get bent or anything - we got this at one of the furst Tails on The Trails we went to - Mom KNEW the kholour was a sure sign it was to go on the furst trip -

 The next two trips had us ride separately - The Zen-terra was filled with stuff - so I went with Auntie Di - we just KNEW a certain Holly wouldn't be happy to NOT be with Mom so I let her go in The Zen-terra - of khourse, I love TADN's Acura so it was a WinWin!

 After the 87th trip - I mean the 3rd, all of us were pretty wiped out - 

It will be okay Mom - IT...WILL...BE...OKAY!

Here is a video of us and the furst visit to Khyra's Khottage - it is pretty babbly as Mom is still pretty much in shokhk that THIS will be our HOME furry years to khome - we've got lots of trips with small things - and medium things that khan fit in The Zen-terra or The Acura - Mom is still trying to figure how to teleport some FURniture there - STAYED TUNED FUR THAT FUN!

We are furry lukhky it is 4.8 miles - we Google map'd it fur the post!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

BTW, our KHONGRATULATIONS on a GREAT season to Red Land - SO khlose to winning it all - we are furry furry proud!!!

PeeEssWoo: In khase woo wondered, we did get two nice walks on SUNday - one in the morning before we started the 'fun' - and one in the evening prior to Mom wanting to khollapse fur the day!  We'll be bakhk at it again SOON!